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1-Wire Public Domain Kit
version 3.00 Alpha
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 Published by Dallas Semiconductor
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 Date Posted:   May 5th, 2000
 Last Updated:   July 3rd, 2001
 License: Public Domain
 Downloads: 2,524 total; 151 recently
 Page Views: 24,674 total
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About 1-Wire Public Domain Kit:
This is the BeOS x86 build of the 1-Wire Public Domain Kit offered by Dallas Semiconductor's iButton/1-Wire Net division. The kit contains programs and their C source to communicate to various iButtons and 1-Wire chips offered by Dallas Semiconductor. This communication takes place through the PC's serial port, and the port must have a DS9097U serial port adapter in order to communicate.

Please note that Version 2.00 is still available for download here:
(BeOS build)

Hardware Requirements:
1) Must have a DS9097U serial port adapter connected to the serial port of the PC.
2) Should have a blue-dot receptor connected to the DS9097U.
3) Must have iButtons or 1-Wire chips to test. (Could also have a Weather Station).

Running the Software:
1) Make sure you have the appropriate iButtons or 1-Wire chips for the software application of choice.
2) Open a terminal window in the directory the application resides.
3) Run the application of your choice with command line option: "/dev/ports/serial1". Of course, it could be "/dev/ports/serial2" or "dev/ports/serial3", etc.
Please note that these are "console" programs and should only be run from a terminal window.

Notes on each software application:
1) atod: Test application to read the DS2450 1-Wire Quad A/D Converter.
2) count: Test application to read the DS2423 1-kbit/4kbit 1-Wire RAM with Counter.
3) coupler: Goes through testing of the DS2409 1-Wire device.
4) debit: Test application to read the DS1963S and perform sha monetary transactions. This utility debits money from a roving SHA iButton using a coprocessor SHA iButton.
5) fish: "File Shell" program allowing the creation of files and directories with the TMEX file structure.
6) gethumd: Small program to read out the DS2480-based humidity sensor (a.k.a. Hygro iButton).
7) initcopr: This utility initializes the SHA iButton (DS1963S) as a coprocessor.
8) initrov: This utility initializes roving SHA iButtons (DS1963S).
9) memutil: Memory utility program allowing the reading and writing of 1-Wire devices with memory.
10) mweather: Test application to read the 1-Wire Weather Station. The weather station consists of the following devices on the trunk of the 1-Wire Net:
DS1820 - temperature measurement
DS2423 - counter for reading wind speed (page 15)
DS2450 - isolate wind direction (on special 2450 equipped weather stations).
DS2406 - switch to isolate 8 DS2401's for wind direction on channel B.
11) swtloop: Test application to perform various operations on the DS2406 Dual Addressable Switch.
12) swtoper: Menu-driven test of DS2406(DS2407) 1-Wire switch.
13) swtsngl: Goes through the testing of the DS2405 device
14) temp: Application to find and read the 1-Wire Net DS1920/DS1820/DS18S20 - temperature measurement.
15) thermodl: This utility downloads the results of the current mission of a DS1921 Thermochron iButton.
16) thermoms: This utility mission a DS1921 Thermochron iButton.
17) tstfind: Test application to search for all 1-Wire devices on 1-Wire Net.

This build may successfully recompile under the Power PC version of BeOS. It has only been tested
under X86 platforms.

Latest Version
Details about this version:
The 3.00 Alpha version has some new features from 2.00.
1. Added modules to support memory I/O for all current 1-Wire memory devices.
2. Expanded the 1-Wire file I/O to implement all functions similar to the TMEX API.
3. Added code for running application on micros.
4. Added error codes and error output functions.

Intel Version - requires R5   (1.2 MB) 1,144 downloads
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Maxim Dallas Semiconductor's ftp site
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Source Code - requires R5   (401 KB) 946 downloads
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Maxim Dallas Semiconductor's ftp site
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