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 Published by pinc Software, Axel Dörfler
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 Date Posted:   May 12th, 2000
 Last Updated:   August 1st, 2006
 License: OpenTracker
 Downloads: 70,603 total; 6,858 recently
 Page Views: 219,834 total
 User Rating: Give this application a rating
8.89 / 10, with 311 votes
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About OpenTracker:
OpenTracker is a free, open-source version of the Tracker and Deskbar, the two applications that power the BeOS desktop.

This is the main OpenTracker distribution. OpenTracker is the official successor to the BeOS R5 Tracker/Deskbar. However, there are some other interesting branches that are not yet included in the main line:
  • Tracker.NewFS: this one has updated and more powerful file copying operations.
  • LocaleTracker: a localized version of Tracker, including a wide variety of languages

They are both based on the current "unstable" tree of OpenTracker which normally only means that they are much more current than any stable release, but they are usually much older than the current OpenTracker tree (if you feel like living on the edge). In general, the unstable tree is very stable as well, though.

They are very nice derivates which may serve your needs better than the original. However, it's being worked on to get many of its features into the official release as well.

There is no installation script provided as of now, but the installation is very simple: just expand the archive to the /boot/beos/system folder ("boot" is the disk the BeOS booted from).

Details about this version:
After the relatively long hiatus, a new version has finally been completed:
  • The Deskbar's time view now shows a nice calendar when you click over it and hold the mouse button.
  • Tray icons will now be layouted better when new ones appear, or disappear.
  • Switcher can now quit applications when you press the 'q' key in the Switcher window.
  • Tracker add-ons are now only shown if they support the file type directly, or at least in a generic way - they are now ordered by their level of support, too.
  • Support for undo/redo of Tracker operations (but no undelete, of course)
  • The parent menu list in the lower left of a Tracker window is now fully navigable, making it much more usable.
  • Numerous subtle usability improvements in the file panel.
  • There is now an icon in the upper right corner representing the current directory - you can use this to drag around instead of having to open its parent for this.
  • Folder attributes can now be put onto the clipboard, and pasted from there, too.
  • A possible work-around for the freezing bug on some R5 systems has been found - please give feedback if it works for you.
  • Improved drag&drop behaviour in Tracker.
  • Network shares now get a proper icon in Tracker that differentiates them from mounted images.
  • Attribute queries now automatically get more useful names for later reuse.
  • Many font sensitivity issues, bug fixes and other enhancements, see the change log for a detailed list of changes
Note, you should be cautious when installing OpenTracker on Zeta - you should not install it in its usual location, because replacing Zeta's will cause some functionality to be removed from Zeta.

Intel Version - requires R5   (966 KB) 1,968 downloads
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PowerPC Version - requires R5   (566 KB) 266 downloads
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