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 Published by Ryan Christiansen
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 Date Posted:   May 13th, 2000
 Last Updated:   September 17th, 2000
 License: Artistic License
 Downloads: 1,075 total; 96 recently
 Page Views: 38,389 total
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About News Site:
News Site (news-site.cgi) is a CGI executable script written in REBOL which allows you to update a news headlines Web site by sending an e-mail to a POP account.

News Site (news-site.cgi) is a CGI executable script which checks a POP e-mail account for new mail, verifies the e-mail is from a qualified contributor (or deletes the e-mail), converts the contents of the e-mail object (as understood by REBOL) into a "make object!" expression saved to a file. These "make object!" expressions are set up as news articles, including values for headlines, subheadlines, bylines, titles, body text in paragraphs, reference numbers, file names, and approval status. The script also creates a comments directory for each new article.

When executed, News Site dynamically creates the front page of a news-oriented web site. Currently prints the following as text/html output:

  • html head and meta information.
  • stylesheet information.
  • banner information.
  • news headlines, bylines, articles, and article reference numbers.
  • a link to execute displaycomments.cgi, which renders the article again, comments already made on the article, and a form for posting a new comment.
  • upon execution, news-site.cgi updates an .rss (Rich Site Summary) XML file for the site.
Known problems include:

  • parse problem with tilde "~" characters when parsing e-mail message body content for conversion to objects.
  • most recent articles are expected to show up in the tail end of a directory because of the file-naming scheme. This has proven true on all test systems with Windows NT and BeOS, but when used live on a Solaris machine the articles appeared out of order.
News Site requires you have the appropriate REBOL/Core binary located in the cgi-bin directory of your web space. You can download REBOL/Core binaries for various platforms at

Remember to download the binary appropriate for the operating system your web server is using (not the BeOS binary, unless, of course the web server IS a BeOS-based server.)

You will also want to download the appropriate binary for your BeOS machine (x86 or PowerPC) so that you can execute the script locally and tweak it as you like.

I have converted all available REBOL scripting language documentation into .pdf format available for download from this location. The documentation is current as of 13-May-2000. New documentation is expected soon and will be available from the REBOL Technologies site. You may also purchase REBOL: The Official Guide and REBOL for Dummies from REBOL Press

The style of the news articles and news page banner is dependent upon a cascading style sheet, which is sent by the script as text/html output to the browser. The cascading style sheet is fully customizable provided you retain the same class structures. Your browser must support cascading style sheets in order for the script to display the articles properly by default. In the BeOS, as of 17-September-2000 only the beta version of the Opera browser will display the stylesheet correctly.

Latest Version
Details about this version:
New version includes commenting system and .rss file generation

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