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Regina Rexx
version 3.3
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 Published by Mark Hessling
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 Date Posted:   May 16th, 2000
 Last Updated:   July 11th, 2004
 License: LGPL
 Downloads: 3,747 total; 526 recently
 Page Views: 37,611 total
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About Regina Rexx:
Regina Rexx Interpreter. The fastest, most portable, Open Source Rexx interpreter available. Close to 100% compliant with ANSI Rexx Standard (1996). Also available for Linux, Unix, OS/2, Win32, QNX4, QNX6, Amiga, DOS, VMS, OpenEdition, Linux/390, AtheOS, Syllable, SkyOS.

BeOS port supports extensions written to SAA Rexx API as BeOS add-ons.
Latest Version
Details about this version:
o Integration of Florian's Generic Call Interface (GCI) into Regina.
Supported platforms to date are Windows, OS/2 and Linux.
o Fixed bug with TRACE F and its "conversion" into "N" on a subsequent call
o Addition of Polish native language support courtesy of Bartosz Kozlowski.
o Major changes to EXIT handling
o Regina determines internal and external queues by the fact that external
queues MUST have a '@' in the name. Therefore any time a queue name is
used; in RXQUEUE or ADDRESS...WITH, then if the queue name has a '@'
then Regina treats this as an external queue, and requires the RXSTACK
server to be running.
o New BIF POOLID. Allows the current variable pool number to be obtained
(effectively the level of called subroutines).
o VALUE BIF allows environment to be a number corresponding to a variable
pool number. Therefore unEXPOSEd variables in any subroutine can be accessed.
o API functions Rexx*Dll() now implemented.
o Locale support for BIFs like TRANSLATE now supported, and can be overridden
from command line. (-l switch)
o Algorithm for determining where a Rexx program is (either from command line, or
a CALL statement called. Apart from a change in the precedence of directories
an environment variable REGINA_SUFFIXES is used to supplement the file extensions
that Regina uses to append to the passed file name. More details can be found in the
Regina documentation.
o Regina OPTIONS can now be specified as an environment variable, which will set the
default values for OPTIONS. The OPTIONS instruction can still be used and will
override the defaults.
o A new OPTION has been added; CALLS_AS_FUNCS to allow programs that use the non-ANSI
format of "CALL label(arg1,arg2)". Although this is implemented as an OPTION, it can
only be set via the REGINA_OPTIONS environment variable!
o Another new OPTION; QUEUES_301 to duplicate the behaviour of Regina queues; both
internal and external.
o Some memory leak fixes with INTERPRET and some "handle leaks" under Windows fixed.
o Initial support for SkyOS
o Fixed some old bugs: (documented in BUGS file)
19991216-29512, 20000319-63722, 36

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