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 Published by Michael Pfeiffer
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 Date Posted:   July 29th, 2000
 Last Updated:   March 21st, 2009
 License: See Below
 Downloads: 108,437 total; 30,467 recently
 Page Views: 241,932 total
 User Rating: Give this application a rating
8.98 / 10, with 326 votes
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About BePDF:
This is a PDF reader that is based on xpdf 3.01. It handles PDF files up to PDF version 1.4 (Acrobat Reader 5.0).

List of Features
  • Viewing of encrypted and password protected PDF 1.5 files.
    • Opens file dropped on window.
    • Navigation (with keyboard, toolbar, dragging with the mouse, mouse wheel, links).
    • Displays annotations.
    • Zooming (in/out, selecting a rectangle with the mouse).
    • Rotating the page.
    • Can show a page list, bookmarks and attachments.
    • Window mode or fullscreen mode.
    • Japanese, Chinese (simplified, traditional) and Korean font support.
    • Renders embedded fonts (Type 1, Truetype) with FreeType 2 library.
    • Multithreaded (rendering is done in a separate thread).
  • Editing (Annotations can be added to an unencrypted PDF file)
  • File Attachment Annotations and Attachments can be saved.
  • Printing (range of pages; even or odd pages only; reverse or in order).
  • Searching text.
  • Copying text or graphics (via drag and drop to other applications (e.g. Tracker) and into the clipboard).
  • Session management for PDF files on BFS (open file with the settings when it was last closed).
  • Information (about the file, security, fonts used).
Sourcecode is available via anonymous cvs here (modulename: BePDF).

Translators wanted

Some .catalog files are not up to date anymore. See section "Localization" of the BePDF manual on how to localize BePDF.

2008/10/24: All applications published by me on BeBits are now officially unmaintained.

version 1.1.1 Beta 1 - GPL 
Details about this version:
  • Documentation converted from GoBE Productive documents to HTML by Humdinger.
  • Español; Castellano documentation updated by Miguel Zúñiga González.
  • German documentation created by Humdinger.
  • Italian documentation created by Miguel Zúñiga González.
  • Vector version of the BePDF icon by Humdinger.

Intel Version - requires R5   (8.5 MB) 4,751 downloads
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Localized User Manuals
version 0.9.4 - Freeware 
Variation description:

Here you can download the old BePDF User Manual in other language(s) than English.

Since version 1.1.1 all manuals are included in the full package.

Details about this version:  (no information provided)

Any Processor   (787 KB) 2,628 downloads
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Documentation in Spanish
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