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 Published by Angry Red Planet
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 Date Posted:   September 15th, 2000
 Last Updated:   August 5th, 2002
 License: Freeware
 Downloads: 7,083 total; 248 recently
 Page Views: 46,372 total
 User Rating: Give this application a rating
8.80 / 10, with 76 votes
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About Sequitur:
BeOS-native MIDI sequencer

Special note for users of BeOS Personal Edition: Peter Goodeve, the author of MusicWeaver, apparently found a bug when using BeOS PE with Be's internal synthesizer. This bug causes a crash when an application attempts to load the synthesizer, which Sequitur does by default. If you're trying to run Sequitur and immediately crashing, please check his easy instructions for fixing this problem.

Sequitur is a BeOS-native MIDI sequencer with a MIDI processing add-on architecture. It allows you to record, compose, store, and play back music from your computer. Sequitur is designed for people who like to tinker with their music. It facilitates rapid, dynamic, and radical processing of your performance.


  • An add-on architecture for processing MIDI and performing MIDI effects. Change a track's velocity, apply echo, add chorus, change it's key signature, etc. All the tools to write your own add-ons are included.
  • MIDI processing is integrated with editing: Paint with echo effects, paint chords in key, etc.
  • Easily rearrange songs with familiar phrase operations.
  • Customize your interface with skinning.
  • Achieve special effects with tool properties: Turn on gradual delete and slowly rub out MIDI events.
  • Full support of Be's advanced MIDI services in R5: All R5-compatible software is automatically available.
  • Record, edit, and playback note, program change, control change, and pitch bend MIDI data.
  • Read and write standard MIDI files.

Latest Version
Details about this version:
  • Important fix to file IO that prevents data corruption.
  • Dissolve filter could cause crash when operating on notes with extremely short durations. (thanks to David Shipman)
  • New tool bar ARP Curves (select Tool Bars-Show-ARP Curves in a track window) contains new tools for shaping events. Each tool is documented in the Tool Guide, but in general they are used to shape control change, pitch bend, tempo and velocity events (and notes if you're feeling creative), and the curve can be altered by pressing the 'z' and 'x' keys.

    All curve tools make use of a new tool seed for drawing bezier curves; see section 6.3.2. of the user's guide for an explanation of the Curve seed.

  • New menu items in the Song window: Edit-Expand Marked Range and Edit-Contract Marked Range. These items are only active if the loop markers are on. The Expand command shifts everything from the left marker to the end of the song over by the total loop range. The Contract command deletes the area within the loop markers, then shifts everything after the right marker left by the total loop range. If no tracks are selected, the entire song is shifted. Otherwise, only the selected tracks are affected.
  • System exclusive commands can now be added to devices. There is no user interface for doing so, although developer tools are provided here. Currently, the E-mu Proteus 2000 and E-mu EOS devices include sysex commands for controlling the FX.
  • A new page has been added to the Preferences window, Views. This page lets you set the height for the various views in Sequitur, such as pitch bend, control change, etc.
  • Multiple instances of the same MIDI device are given unique names. For example, two instances of SynC Modular will be named "SynC Modular 1" and "SynC Modular 2" so they can be accessed independently. (thanks to David Shipman)
  • In the track window, holding down the CTRL key now accesses an alternate set of active tools. (Assign these tools by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on the desired tool)
  • Right mouse button can now be mapped to any tool. (thanks to David Shipman)
  • The Vaccine.P and Vaccine.V filters have been deprecated (although they are still available here). They are replaced by the Vaccine filter. In addition to injecting a motion into the pitch and velocity of notes, this new filter can inject it into control change, pitch bend, tempo change and channel pressure events. The new tool Broken Down Line uses this filter.
  • Note to filter developers: The filter API has changed. You will need to recompile your filters.

Intel Version - requires R5   (6.5 MB) 1,829 downloads
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Angry Red Planet
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