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 Published by Matthew Allen
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 Date Posted:   July 21st, 1999
 Last Updated:   December 14th, 2001
 License: Freeware
 Downloads: 17,938 total; 650 recently
 Page Views: 40,369 total
 User Rating: Give this application a rating
7.96 / 10, with 71 votes
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About i.Scribe:
Outlook without the fat. Made to run on Windows and BeOS. Features an easy to use interface, split view of folders and items, handles attachments, signatures, drag and drop and has an address book. Installation is as easy as unzipping the archive into a directory, uninstall is deleting the directory. Find out why simple is better!

Feature details:
  • Protocols:
    • POP3, Auth types:
      • LOGIN
    • IMAP4 (Fetch only), Auth types:
      • LOGIN
      • NTLM (M$ exchange)
    • SMTP, Auth types:
      • Normal-none
      • LOGIN (ESMTP)
    • SOCKS5 support for all socket connections, Auth:
      • LOGIN
  • User interface:
    • Split view of folders and items
    • Status pane containing:
      • List of accounts
      • Progress of email transfer
      • Colour coded transaction log
    • Mail preview pane
    • Resizable mail windows containing:
      • Full reflow text composition/display control
      • Collapsable panes for To: and From:
      • Auto-name lookup for recipient entry
      • List of attachments
      • Original internet headers
  • Email:
    • Reply, Reply All and Forward (with and without attachments).
    • Signatures (can include runtime customisations).
    • Multiple attachments and MIME typing (Moving email between folders doesn't require moving the attachment on disk).
    • Smart wrapping of quoted email on reply.

i.Scribe is a cross platform application that allows you to maintain one folder of email and contacts for both Windows and BeOS. This has the side effect of not being able to use OS specific email features, like the BeOS mail folders and the Windows MAPI message store. Scribe uses it's own message store format

Details about this version:
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed contact window appearing on shutdown.
  • Fixed add contact window disappearing on item single click (supposed to be double click).

Intel Version - requires R5   (858 KB) 2,550 downloads
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BeOS Package
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Outlook without the fat.
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