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 Published by Zenja Solaja
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 Date Posted:   July 31st, 2001
 Last Updated:   September 2nd, 2001
 License: Other Open Source License
 Downloads: 6,396 total; 255 recently
 Page Views: 43,655 total
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About Konqueror:
A developer release of Konqueror (KDE web browser)

Inspired by Kurt of AtheOS fame (and release 0.3.5) and an article on BeNews, this is an attempted port of konqueror-embedded using Qt-2.3.0-X11 to BeOS. Konqueror-embedded is a no-thrills version of Konqueror (without mail, file browsing and kitchen sink) based on KHTML.

<See screenshot link or visit>

Once a sufficiently stable version of Konquer-embedded is ported to BeOS, I'll attempt to remove all X11 dependencies from Qt, which will significantly increase the overall speed. (it would be nice if BeOS had a hardware accelerated version of X11)
Latest Version
Details about this version:
Weekly snapshot (developer release 3) - see screenshot

- moved makefiles to BeIDE project file
- integrated konqueror-embedded snapshot from 02 July 2001
- all BeOS modifications are under #if (OSTYPE==beos)
- much faster than previous build, but still unusable (thats why its called a developer build)

Source and precompiled binary included (linked against BONE 7a, Qt-2.3.0, X11R6.4, libjpeg.62). Make sure that you adjust the access paths from BeIDE/edit/project settings/access paths/system to the source code directory.

**warning** for developers only - it's extremelly unusable in its current form. A native Qt port (without X11) is next on the agenda (a great opportunity for the OpenBeOS mob).

Intel Version - requires R5   (4.15 MB) 5,821 downloads
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