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XGalaga: Hyperspace
version 0.9
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 Published by David Enderson
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 Date Posted:   December 12th, 2001
 Last Updated:   December 12th, 2001
 License: GPL
 Downloads: 4,548 total; 842 recently
 Page Views: 30,051 total
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About XGalaga: Hyperspace:
This is a source fork of the popular game XGalaga. We wanted to add a little more excitement and variation to the game, while maintaining the game's traditional feel.

We forked the source code after not being able to contact the original author, Joe Rumsey.

This version is completely stable.

This was a collaborative effort. Bryce Wagner did most of the major code changes. John Strickland created the new graphics. For this process, he wrote a python script that converts XPM files to BIN files. You can access it here: xpm2bin. I mostly just gave ideas, post, and am contact person for the project.

Changes we plan to make:
- Update the documentation included in the files to reflect our changes
- Clean up the code
- Coordinate with a Linux-user friend of ours to release a Linux version
- Possibly add a few new levels

If you wish to delve into the program, figure out how new levels are made, and submit them to us, we would be happy to review them, discuss them with you, and possibly include them in the 1.0 release.

Latest Version
Details about this version:
Changes we made:
- Shield control changed to the key 'x'. Shields are only on while 'x' is pressed down. Shields can be saved up to four shields' worth.
- Ship wraps on the screen, just like the enemy ships do.
- New Weapon Added: The Shredder
- New Weapon Added: The Spreadfire
- Increased Get Upgrade Rate by 20%
- When you die, the maximum torpedoes your gun can shoot is reduced by one. All speed upgrades, weapon type, and saved shields are retained.

Intel Version - requires R5   (209 KB) 3,042 downloads
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Source Code - requires R5   (485 KB) 1,506 downloads
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