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 Published by YellowBites
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 Date Posted:   January 8th, 2002
 Last Updated:   August 1st, 2004
 License: Commercial Demo
 Downloads: 8,543 total; 1,751 recently
 Page Views: 47,595 total
 User Rating: Give this application a rating
8.81 / 10, with 31 votes
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About eXposer:
General purpose animation and linetesting tool with advanced animation editing and frame capturing.

eXposer Features
  • simple, fast and responsive user interface
  • unlimited undo and redo, even after saving the animation
  • preview size and quality independent of captured animation
  • unlimited number of animation layers (actually possible number depends on processor speed (about 9 levels at 384x288 on a dual PII350))
  • unlimited number of sound layers
  • accurate and smooth (harddisk independent) animation playback even while editing the animation
  • animation x-sheet and preview in the same window
  • frame capture module with advanced features like onion skin, flipper, powerful denoise filter etc.
  • captures frames directly to disk, no risk of data loss
  • renders animation as AVI, QuickTime or any installed media file format, can also export audio only (for example as WAVE file)
  • exports animation as bitmap sequence with optional warpsharp up-scaling (images stay sharp)
  • flexible XML document format, editable in any text editor
  • variable playback speed from 25% to 100% of animation frame rate for easier synchronization with sound
  • smooth full screen playback
  • playback modes: only a certain range of the animation, only the selected frames, only the visible part or the entire animation
  • many fast keyboard shortcuts, for example "*2" will double the duration of all selected items while "+5" will make them five frames longer and "1" will set the duration of every selected item to one frame

To unlock this demo version, you need purchase an appropriate eXposer license. You can pay via:

A single user licence for non-commercial use is just USD 40. A keyfile will then be sent to you.

Latest Version
Details about this version:
Changes from 1.9.1 to 1.9.2

  • eXposer now adds the documents it opens or saves to the systems recent docments list.
  • fixed some translation bugs, some labels were inconsitent and some were even accidentally swapped with the wrong controls.
  • fixed a bug that caused denoising frames in the Capture module to not work most of the times.
  • the Recent Files entries in the Open menu have their Tracker icons again (as in 1.9.0).
  • the external editor programs (for images and sounds) can now be set in the program settings and are specified via MIME signature. The icon of the preferred program can be dropped on the text control.

Changes from 1.9.0 to 1.9.1

  • fixed a bug in eXposers audio node, that caused a complete system lockup on some computers with certain soundcards installed.
  • non-existent files are no longer added to eXposer's recent files menu.
  • the Render Settings menu item moved to the Settings menu.

Intel Version - requires R5   (3.48 MB) 1,274 downloads
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Complete Package (, Germany)
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  • use "Save link target as..." - ahwayakchih
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