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Firefox Bleeding Edge
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 Published by Bezilla Team
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 Date Posted:   January 17th, 2002
 Last Updated:   January 13th, 2008
 License: See Below
 Downloads: 75,166 total; 2,775 recently
 Page Views: 330,490 total
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8.89 / 10, with 105 votes
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About Firefox Bleeding Edge:
Firefox - Gecko-based browser for BeOS.

This is a "trunk" build of Firefox. As such, it contains the latest and greatest features, but often the latest and greatest bugs, too. "Bleeding Edge" means you might experience instability, bugs or even loss of data, profile info, etc. The Mozilla core developers have named this version "Minefield" to make this point clear. Want to live on the edge? There are three variations of Firefox to suit your BeOS environment:
- Zeta for Zeta systems, specially optimized for newer hardware.
- R5+BONE for R5 systems with BONE updates, Dano and derivatives
- R5 for any BeOS system, R5.0.1 or later

Installation tips:
As mentioned above, these are experimental builds from development code and likely to have some unexpected bugs or partially developed features.
- Back up your old profile before using new versions. Better yet,
- Create and maintain separate profiles for Firefox 2 or older and Bleeding Edge builds. Switch between them using profilemanager.
- Unzip to a new folder. Do not install over your old version.
- Run "firefox --profilemanager" script from terminal for first execution.
If firefox doesn't start correctly first time, delete "compreg.dat" from your profile (which you backed up before starting) and retry.

To run without the script:
Add the following lines to /boot/home/config/boot/UserSetupEnvironment
    export LIBRARY_PATH=%A/.:%A/components:$LIBRARY_PATH
    export ADDON_PATH=%A/.:%A/components:$ADDON_PATH
After restarting, you will be able to run firefox-bin directly, without the script, and set Firefox as the default handler for http links, https links and html file MIME-types.

Current BeZilla team:
tqh - developer, NSPR
Fyysik - developer, widget, gfx, i18n and other parts, Mozilla SeaMonkey builds
tb100 - various occasional patches, mostly for gfx
Nielx - various occasional patches, Firefox for BeOS bug tracking
tigerdog - build management and testing, HaikuFox theme development

We also wish to express our gratitude to Frans Nispen, who provided us with hosting for special needs and to people at the BeDevTalk list, who continuously help us with their wisdom :) Special credits go out to Koki, our most active tester, who is permanently inspiring us on Koki also takes responsibility for refreshing BeZilla info page at Additional developers are welcome and appreciated. We hope we will get someone on board for help in JS/XUL.

The classic Mozilla Suite is rebranded now as SeaMonkey and can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.
2.0.12pre with Experimental Postscript printing
version 2.0.12pre with Experimental Postscript printing - Mozilla Public License 
Variation description:
A build of FF2 branch code with fyysik's experimental postscript printing output. Printing requires AFPL Ghostscript to be installed. See SeaMonkey page for complete printing instructions.

Updated with color-channel fix.

Details about this version:
Includes postscript print-to-file capability. Also includes lightweight NSPR code not currently in official source. Archive is also reordered, so no script is needed. Simply run "Firefox".

Intel Version - requires Zeta   (12.5 MB) 988 downloads
Dev LinkLink reliability rating  [rating: 10]    Download this app  Report bad link
R5.0.1 and later
Dev LinkLink reliability rating  [rating: 10]    Download this app  Report bad link
Dev LinkLink reliability rating  [rating: 10]    Download this app  Report bad link
Zeta (requires i686 or later CPU)
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  Source Available
Firefox - Development Build
Minefield 2006-11-05 with experimental nsAppShell and other patches - Mozilla Public License 
Variation description:
Firefox Bleeding Edge builds for all three BeOS variations are contained in this single entry, to reduce clutter in the "Latest Software" column of the BeBits homepage. All builds are made from current Firefox "Minefield" trunk. Be sure to download the proper variant by looking at the download location description, below.

If you encounter a bug using the Zeta version, please try to duplicate the problem using the more conservative BONE build.

Details about this version:
ATTENTION: Minefield Development is essentially dead for the foreseeable future. Minefield trunk code requires GCC 4 and dependences not currently buildable under BeOS/Zeta. The version below represents the "end of the line" for Minefield 3.0. Current development efforts are focused on cleanup and enhancement of the Firefox 2.0 branch.

BRFirefox Minefield 3.0a1 built from 2006-11-05 trunk with these additional patches:
341137 - upgrade to sqlite 3.3.8
349526 - fix to nsUUIDGenerator.cpp to fix startup crashes
356667 - nsAppShell (really beos widget) cleanup, streamlining.

This is highly experimental code, placed here for testing. We strongly suggest you use the Firefox 2.0 build available at the link below for daily use. Please report issues with this version on the bezilla blog, also linked below.

Intel Version - requires R5   (13.5 MB) 2,450 downloads
Dev LinkLink reliability rating  [rating: 10]    Download this app  Report bad link
Zeta (requires i686 or later CPU)
Dev LinkLink reliability rating  [rating: 10]    Download this app  Report bad link
Dev LinkLink reliability rating  [rating: 10]    Download this app  Report bad link
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  Source Available
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