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 Published by Michael Lotz
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 Date Posted:   March 3rd, 2003
 Last Updated:   January 24th, 2006
 License: GPL
 Downloads: 5,510 total; 577 recently
 Page Views: 38,775 total
 User Rating: awaiting 10 votes Give this application a rating
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About BeBochs:
The Bochs x86 emulater for BeOS

I invested some time to bring the native BeOS GUI up to par with the ones on other platforms. It should now support colordepths higher than 8 bit and bigger resolutions (using the VBE or Cirrus VGA extensions). When using the native BeOS GUI you can also use the "Paste" button to let the emulator type in what's currently in your clipboard. Note that "Copy" only works in text mode.
Details about this version:
No BeOS specific changes, for the official changelog see the included CHANGES file or view it at SourceForge.

The native GUI is recommended for text and graphical mode. It has some advantages like the "Paste" functionallity.

There is an idle-time patch installed that reduces the CPU usage to a minimum when the guest OS sets the emulated processor to idle mode (only if the guest OS supports this of course).

Intel Version - requires R5   (870 KB) 1,228 downloads
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  • you need to install bone - BeOS Mr X
  • Better yet, know where I can find a pre dano version - Zutecool
  • Now missing - Zutecool

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