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Haiku nVidia TNT/GF driver
version 0.80
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 Published by Rudolf Cornelissen
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 Date Posted:   October 28th, 2003
 Last Updated:   April 11th, 2006
 License: BSD/MIT
 Downloads: 56,808 total; 3,335 recently
 Page Views: 303,511 total
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9.19 / 10, with 98 votes
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About Haiku nVidia TNT/GF driver:
This unified driver supports all TNT and GeForce series cards. It's known to work on BeOS R5, Dano, Zeta and Max.

Current Nvidia driver features:

  • Hardware cursor support (on both heads on dualhead cards);
  • Full 2D acceleration;
  • Basic 3D acceleration for older cards: see the seperately available 3D accelerant's documentation for details;
  • Full BWindowScreen support (used for hardware pageflipping, scrolling/panning and acceleration in applications/games);
  • DPMS support for both DVI and most laptop panels, and for analog connected screens (on both heads on dualhead cards), but not (yet?) for external DVI panels on laptops;
  • B_YCbCr422 hardware overlay support on both TNT and GeForce series cards, except for GeForce 6xxx and 7xxx series (GeForce 6800 works though). Overlay output 'follows head' in dualhead stretch/switch modes;
  • Dualhead support on GeForce dualhead cards (use 'Dualhead Setup' from BeBits for now);
  • DVI and laptop panel support;
  • Widescreen mode support (all screens must be widescreen type and they must all be digitally connected);
  • Basic AGP mode support on AGP cards, using the new (seperate) Haiku AGP busmanager;
  • Basic ('legacy') PCIe support;
  • Coldstart support for analog connected screens on most cards except TNT1, GeForce 6xxx and 7xxx series;
  • TVout support on cards with Brooktree BT868/BT869 and Conexant CX25870/CX25871 encoders (use 'Dualhead Setup' 0.04 from BeBits for now).
Supported cards (as far as is known):
  • TNT 1/2;
  • TNT 2-M64;
  • Vanta/Aladdin TNT2;
  • GeForce 256;
  • GeForce 2 MX/Ti/GTS/Go;
  • GeForce 2 Integrated GPU (Nforce);
  • GeForce 3 (Ti);
  • GeForce 4 MX/Ti/Go;
  • GeForce 4 Integrated GPU (Nforce 2);
  • GeForce (4 MX) PCX 4300;
  • GeForce FX/PCX 5xxx/Go;
  • GeForce FX/PCX 6xxx/Go;
  • GeForce FX/PCX 7xxx/Go;
  • Quadro (2/4/FX/PCX/Go);
Known limitations:
  • If you want BScreen 'Sync_to_Retrace' capability make sure you enabled 'assign IRQ to VGA card' in your system BIOS (if available);
  • If the driver still seems to create 'random' trouble make sure you have a fully functional VGA BIOS, or system BIOS for embedded cards (check for updates on the manufacturor's site). Make sure you mail me if you still have trouble but also if this version fixed that!
  • If on a laptop the internal panel doesn't work when you connect an external monitor, make sure you set 'output device selection' to 'internal' (instead of 'auto') in the system BIOS if it has such an option. If you have this symptom on a normal card, or on a laptop without that BIOS option then you are probably out of luck for dualhead support;
  • NV40 architecture cards: (GeForce 6xxx, but 6800 AGP seems to be OK)
    Secondary analog monitor detection doesn't work and we can't control very well to which connector the card's output gets routed (lack of specs). This means you might have to experiment a bit with the way you connect your monitor to the card. A single analog or DVI screen should work OK, and two analog screens should be OK as well.

Latest Version
Details about this version:
This version should be considered a stable release.

Fixes/enhancements; short description:
  • Increased 3D rendering speed (you'll need 3D driver Alpha 4.1):
    • TNT2 style cards: upto 104% speed of original alpha 4 3D driver;
    • GeForce style cards: upto 200% speed of original alpha 4 3D driver (most cards upto 140%, except for GeForce2Ti which reaches 200%.).
  • Added a new nv.setting to force widescreen support when the driver doesn't recognize a WS screen for what it really is;
  • Added support for G71, G72, G73 and NFORCE4 cards;
  • Fixed more coldstarting problems: now executing coldstarts in 'forced' PCI mode. Note please that you need AGP busmanager V0.02 for the most reliable results!
Fixes/enhancements; in detail:
  • Improved 3D speed related initialisation programming for NV11 and NV15: NV11 just gained 44% rendering speed, NV15 gained 21% speed. The GeForce2Ti (NV15) is the new winner: Quake 2 timedemo 1 runs at 28.3fps in 1024x768x32 mode @ 75Hz refreshrate (P4 2.8Ghz, fsb 533Mhz, AGP4x), while on the GeForce4MX (NV18) it keeps running at 26.3fps. The GeForce2MX (NV11) now runs at 18.9fps.
  • Improved 3D speed related initialisation programming again. This time confirmed for NV11, NV15 and NV18 (so works on probably all NV1x cards): NV11 just gained another 43% rendering speed, NV15 gained another 60% speed, and NV18 gained 41% speed. The GeForce2Ti (NV15) is the definate winner: Quake 2 timedemo 1 runs at 45.4fps in 1024x768x32 mode @ 75Hz refreshrate (P4 2.8Ghz, fsb 533Mhz, AGP4x), while on the GeForce4MX (NV18) it now runs at 37.0fps. The GeForce2MX (NV11) now runs at 27.1fps.
  • Improved 3D speed related initialisation programming for TNT2 and TNT2-M64 card types, TNT1 speed remains unchanged. The speed improvement depends on colorspace and exact card type: there's a 1-4% gain. TNT2 runs Quake 2 timedemo 1 at about 17fps in 1024x768x32 mode @ 75Hz refreshrate, while TNT2-M64 is at 10.2fps (P4 2.8Ghz, fsb 533Mhz, AGP mode).
  • Added new nv.setting called 'force_ws' that forces all your connected screens to be treated as being widescreen types. This enables listing of the widescreen modes in most screen preference panels and the use of these modes. Only use this new option if appropriate of course, non-widescreen monitors might not like them!
  • Added support for 23 new cards in the GeForce 6xxx and 7xxx range (7300 - G72; 7600 - G73; 7900 - G71), along with support for nVidia's latest IGP Nforce4 (GeForce 6100/6150 - NV44). All new ID's come from nVidia's own March 2006 ID release, except for one which was reported by a BeOS user.
  • Fixed coldstart trouble on a number of cards probably (confirmed GeForce4 MX4000): Coldstarting must be performed in PCI mode as some cards reset their AGP PLL during this action. The driver now forces PCI mode before attempting a coldstart; AGP mode is re-enabled after that (if used).
    Note please:
    • Forcing PCI mode doesn't work reliably with AGP busmanager V0.01. Please upgrade to AGP busmanager V0.02!!

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