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 Published by Oliver Tappe
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 Date Posted:   November 11th, 2004
 Last Updated:   July 22nd, 2007
 License: See Below
 Downloads: 6,348 total; 678 recently
 Page Views: 53,882 total
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About gcc:
This is the (newer) BeBits-page for gcc and binutils.

There are two variations of gcc for BeOS, the legacy gcc that BeOS normally uses (version 2.x) and the current development stream of gcc (version 3.x, which is of limited use on BeOS).

Both gcc versions are bundled with (slightly different) binutils-2.15.

current (3.x)
version 3.4.3 - GPL 
Variation description:
This is a port of the current gcc to BeOS (current as in current gnu release).
The port has been done by ahwayakchih (Marcin Konicki), he asked me to put it right next to my gcc-port, such as to not introduce yet another "gcc"-entry on BeBits.
As this compiler uses a different C++-ABI than the 2.x versions, it is only of limited use under BeOS, i.e. the Be-provided libs can't be used by anything that's compiled with this gcc.
C-programs work fine, however, as do standalone C++-libraries and all apps which do not use the C++-mangled parts of
Thanks to ahwayakchih for all the hard work!

Details about this version:
This package contains gcc-3.4.3 with binutils-2.15.

There currently is one known problem with this gcc, as it doesn't seem to properly throw exceptions across library borders. To be more precise: if you write an app that uses a library (both of which have been compiled with this gcc) and the library throws an exception, the app won't catch it (it catches an unknown exception instead).

Hopefully, ahwayakchih and I can find a solution for this problem, later.

Intel Version - requires R5   (12.42 MB) 2,755 downloads
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legacy (2.9x)
gcc-2.95.3-beos-070218 - GPL 
Variation description:

This variation contains gcc-2.95.3 and binutils-2.15

This port is based on the work done by Takashi Toyoshima, which in turn is based on the official gnupro-releases done by Fred Fish and others at Be.
Thanks to these guys and thanks to everyone who helped testing this new release!

Lots of patches have been applied to get gcc-2.95.3 working properly on BeOS, you can find the gory details in the two patches-... archives.

These are the main changes:

  • this gcc-2.95.3 won't crash just because one is using iostreams and/or STL.
  • an improved and less buggy is included (with new headers).
  • the tool-chain now defaults to B_LOW_PRIORITY, such that you can do other things while a large build is running. Thanks to Andrew Bachmann for suggesting this. You can override the default with -priority=prio.
  • optimization is much more reliable now (it really is a bad idea to use -O2 or -O3 with older compilers, as the likelihood of things going very wrong is high!).
    This port should be more reliable when using -O2 or even -O3, but: YMMV!
  • new html-documentation is included for all tools.
  • the gcc-option '-shared' is now working again, '-nostart' is a (BeOS-specific) synonym for it.

Details about this version:
this is the same compiler as last time (gcc-2.95.3-beos from 10.07.2006) bundled with a newer version of binutils (2.17) which is required to build the PXE-code in haiku\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s repository.

Intel Version - requires R5   (11.5 MB) 1,055 downloads
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