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 Published by Oliver Tappe
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 Date Posted:   June 3rd, 2005
 Last Updated:   March 29th, 2006
 License: GPL
 Downloads: 584 total; 113 recently
 Page Views: 10,684 total
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About cvs:
CVS is a well-established versioning system, being used at many software development sites (like and

This port of CVS adds attribute-sensitivity such that it avoids the usual problem that on every update/commit all attributes of the involved files are gone (since CVS normally deletes and recreates the files). This port fixes that behaviour, such that the attributes are kept intact.
Latest Version
Details about this version:
This release has been sent to me by Matt Madia, thanks Matt!

Below are the changes straight from the NEWS-file:

Changes since 1.11.20:

* Thanks to Serguei E. Leontiev <>, CVS with Kerberos 5 GSSAPI
should automatically link on FreeBSD 5.x. (bug #14639).

* Thanks to Rahul Bhargava <>, heavily loaded systems
suffering from a disk crash or power failure will not lose data they claimed
to have committed.

* CVS server now handles conflict markers in Entry requests as documented.

* CVS now remembers that binary file merge conflicts occurred until the
timestamp of the updated binary file changes.

* CVS client now saves some bandwidth by not sending the contents of files
with conflicts to the server when it isn't needed.

* CVS now does correct locking during import.

* A problem where the server could block indefinitely waiting for an EOF from
the client when compression was enabled has been fixed.

* `cvs diff' no longer splits its arguments on spaces.

* Thanks to an old report and patch from Stewart Brodie <>, a
potential crash in response to a corrupt RCS file has been fixed.

* CVS now locks the history and val-tags files before writing to them.
Especially with large repositories, users should no longer see new warnings
about corrupt history records when using the `cvs history' command. Existing
corrupt history records will still need to be removed manually. val-tags
corruption should have had less obvious effects, but removing the
CVSROOT/val-tags file and allowing a 1.11.21 or later version of CVS to
regenerate it may eliminate a few odd behaviors and possibly cause a slight
speed up of read transactions in large repositories over time.

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PowerPC Version - requires R5   (722 KB) 62 downloads
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