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 Published by Rafael K
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 Date Posted:   July 21st, 2005
 Last Updated:   July 21st, 2005
 License: GPL
 Downloads: 197 total; 43 recently
 Page Views: 5,985 total
 User Rating: awaiting 10 votes Give this application a rating
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About SDL-games-package-IV:
some sdl games - part IV

recommends: latest LibPak (at the moment 1.6beta)

The purpose of this little car game is very simple: do the best time on each track.
start the game from the terminal!
with network support (server is included),
and if you choose Internet game you will see that there is already one.

REminiscence-0.1.6 (flashback interpreter)
is a fun action adventure game.
you need the original data files
english version (the data files are in the fbt.r00 file, if you have problems to extract it use unrar e fbt.r00)
spanish version you have to start it with rs --version=sp
Usage: rs [OPTIONS]...
--datapath=PATH Path to where the game is installed (default '.')
--savepath=PATH Path to where the save files are stored (default '.')
--version=VER Version of the game to load : fr, sp, de, us (default)
thx to daneel, that compiled it.

Spacewar 0.3
A 2-player arcade game.

Spout-unix 1.3
Spout is a simple abstract caveflier/shooter.

svinepalsen 0.2.1
arcade space shootemup

Quadromania 0.2
board game - Your task is to restore the original board filled with red stones.
The computer will pick a named amount of 3x3 tile sets
and will flip the colors of the selected tiles.

SDL Sopwith 1.6.0
A port of the classic flying game Sopwith.

Star Voyager 0.4.4
Star Voyager is a Star Trek-themed game with a strong shoot-em-up element.
It can be played either single player or multiplayer, using a public server. (not tested)

Tom Bombem 2.9.14
A 2d space shoot-em-up.
Latest Version
Details about this version:
some of them should also work with R5 but not tested

Intel Version - requires Zeta   (6.3 MB) 197 downloads
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