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 Published by DarkWyrm
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 Date Posted:   October 2nd, 2005
 Last Updated:   September 9th, 2006
 License: BSD/MIT
 Downloads: 1,086 total; 197 recently
 Page Views: 17,077 total
 User Rating: awaiting 10 votes Give this application a rating
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About SimplyVorbis:
A program to turn CDs into digital music files - MP3 or Ogg Vorbis. Designed with ease-of-use as being priority one, it is simple, effective, and lets you get on to bigger and better things, like *listening* to your to music.

SimplyVorbis is not for the audiophile and probably not for the hardcore geek; it is for the rest of us, people who don't want to be hassled with technical details, who just want to turn CDs into music files to listen to while we work at the keyboard or take with us on an iPod and want to have all the BeOS goodness of attributes without having to resort to something like ArmyKnife (which does have its uses).

Pop in a CD, select the songs you want, and hit 'Go'. Period. It can even make playlists for you if you like. Your music isn't limited by copy protection (DRM) either, so you can have all the flexibility of Fair Use. Do try to follow copyright law, though, so the RIAA doesn't come knocking with their torches and pitchforks. :P

Latest Version
Details about this version:
Upgraded to libvorbis and libogg to 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 - fixes skipping problems
Tweaks to comply with Haiku UI guidelines
Fixes to text editing controls
Small fixes to CD lookup code

Intel Version - requires R5   (631 KB) 342 downloads
Dev LinkLink reliability rating  [rating: 10]    Download this app  Report bad link
Dev LinkLink reliability rating  [rating: 10]    Download this app  Report bad link
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