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 Published by BeatWare Inc.
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 Date Posted:   October 27th, 1999
 Last Updated:   August 2nd, 2000
 License: Freeware
 Downloads: 32,515 total; 516 recently
 Page Views: 96,706 total
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8.77 / 10, with 269 votes
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About Mail-It:
Mail-It, the award winning e-mail client for the BeOS, gives you the power and speed you need to send, receive and manage the mass of e-mail messages you receive every day.

Mail-It is the only email client for the BeOS designed to give you the power and speed you need to send, receive and manage the huge volume of email messages you receive every day. This award-winning software supports multiple accounts and features high-speed caching, sophisticated filtering for both incoming and outgoing email and an expansive contact manager.

Receive and send e-mail from multiple e-mail accounts.

Store and maintain hundreds of e-mail contacts in multiple address books.

Use sophisticated filters to automatically screen, prioritize, label, file and forward your incoming and outgoing messages.

Accurately filter e-mail from any News Group.

Find a message in any folder.

Create and save e-mail stationery.

Check your spelling.

Read HTML e-mail.

Import e-mail messages and address books from other popular e-mail packages.
Latest Version
Details about this version:
The Mail-It development team is pleased to announce BeatWare Mail-It 3.0, the third version of the award winning emailer for the BeOS 5.0

This version contains a lot of new features:
  • Contact Manager:
    - Only one window for everything
    - Sub-folders
    - More than 1 email address / entry (separated by a comma in the people file)
    - Printable
  • Filters:
    - More filters
    - More actions and criteria
    - Printing support
  • Accounts:
    - ESMTP (SMTP Service Extensions) support for message size handling, return receipts
    - SMTP password authentication support
    - Message size limits when retrieving mail (ESMTP only)
    - Printing support
  • General:
    - Globals:
    - 24 different character sets supported including Chinese (Big5 and GB-2312), Korean, and Euro support)
    - multiple colored reply levels (5 levels)
    - Reading mail:
    - Enriched-Text support
    - Online enclosures viewer (via add-ons):
    This feature is handled by the MimeTypes part of the Preferences of Mail-It. It displays all the mime types supported by your BeOS.
    For each type, it can select:
    • - The opening option : which application is used when you double-click on the file. There are 3 choices:
      • - use BeOS MimeTypes settings: do what BeOS's Tracker is doing
      • - Use application (path): use a specific application
      • - use application (signature): use a specific application (depending on the mimetype
    • - The display option:
      When an attachment is received, if an addon can be used. Several addons are available with Mail-It 3.0 :
      • HTML : used to display the attachment by using an NetPositive replicant
      • MediaKitPlayer : used to display the attachment by using a MediaKit enabled MediaPlayer, it's to play sounds and video supported by the BeOS MediaKit
      • Text : used to display text file
      • TranslationKit : used to displayed picture handled by the BeOS translation kit
      • vCard : used to display vCard documents (.vc file)
      • FlashPlayer : used to display Flash documents (this addon is using the FlashPlayer from The General Coffee Company Film Productions
  • Composing mail:
    - Return Receipt support: 2 types of return receipts are supported :
    • MDN: Message Delivery Notification: The sender receives a message when the receiver has read the message and returned the return receipt.
    • DSN: Delivery Status Notification: The sender receives a message when the sent message has been delivered on the server (Only available on ESMTP enabled servers).

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  • is dead. use scooby instead. - shatty

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