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 Belgian keyboard map   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 This is a better belgian keyboard map. This one gives the same funct...
 Bilingual Keymap Pack   version 9k  less than 10 votes 
 Bilingual keymaps allow to use two different languages without keymap...
 BTC 5113 IR AT_Keyboard_Info   version 1  less than 10 votes 
 A simple keymap for BTC 5113 Infra red or HF Keyboard with 15 multi...
 Bulgarian Localization Pack     less than 10 votes 
 Bulgarian localization pack for BeOS...
 Bulgarian Localization Pack   version 1.1   version 1.01   version 1.01
 Bulgarian Phonetic Keymap   version 1.0 beta  less than 10 votes 
 Bulgarina Phonetic (cyrilic) Keymap...
 Clavier Français sans VerrNum   version 1  less than 10 votes 
 This french keymap disables the NumLock key. Ce fichier permet d'avoir...
 CyMotion XPress Input Filter   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 This input server filter provides some functionality to your Cherry Cy...
 DEC LK411 Keymap   version 1.00  less than 10 votes 
 Keymap for DEC LK411 keyboard...
 Deskbar Keymapper   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 Deskbar replicant for switching keymaps...
 Dvorak-ANSI-X4.22-1983   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 This is the same as the 'standard' Dvorak layout except for the positi...
 Dvorak-jas   version 1.2.1  8.14 / 10 (21 votes) 
 Standard US Dvorak keyboard layout with enter key on numeric keypad fi...
 Dvorak-US-Standard   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 There are a couple of U.S. Dvorak Standard keymaps around, but this on...
 EnableMetaKey   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 shell script that modify current keymap to apply option key as meta k...
 Example international keymaps for Opera and Terminal.   version 1.6  less than 10 votes 
 Non-western keymap example to work with western-only BeOS applications...
 French Canadian Keymap   version 2.0  less than 10 votes 
 it's a french-canadian keymap to use with Québecers keyboards. Note th...
 Greek Keymap   version 0.1  less than 10 votes 
 Greek character set that uses alternative ways of typing in accented G...
 Hebrew   version 2  less than 10 votes 
 hebrew keymap & input method...
 International Keymap Pack   version 1.11  8.71 / 10 (28 votes) 
 Definitive keymap collection for various national keyboard layouts...
 Italian Keymap   version 1.2  less than 10 votes 
 Mappa caratteri italiana per BeOS. Just a simple 102/105 keys italian...
 Keymap Apple German   version 1.1  less than 10 votes 
 Includes all the <option> characters at the "right" position. I made i...
 Keymap US-Internacional/Us-International   version  less than 10 votes 
 For those who can´t download a keymap US-International, this is the la...
 Lithuanian Baltic Universal Keymap     less than 10 votes 
 This is Lithuanian Baltic keyboard layout which works with both unicod...
 Lithuanian Baltic Keymap - New   version 2003.05.06
 Original   version 2001.03.11
 Multimedia Keyboard Profile   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 Set of files for using the Ortek multimedia keyboards. Includes the A...
 NorKey   version 2.1  less than 10 votes 
 This is keybord map's for norwegian keybords both Windows95 based keyb...
 Num Lock Inverter   version 1  less than 10 votes 
 This is my solution for Be's decision to default Num Lock to "off". W...
 Polish Programmer's Keymap     less than 10 votes 
 Polish Programmer's keymap for win95 keyboard, based on "International...
 Original   version 1.0
 special char version   version 1.1
 Portuguese Keymap   version 0.9.1  less than 10 votes 
 Portuguese International KeyMap (not Brazilian) Installer included.
 Portuguese-International Keymap   version 1.0  8.71 / 10 (14 votes) 
 Portuguese/Brazilian International Keymap Unzip it to home/config/set...
 Scancode Set 3 Mapping Table   version 1.00  less than 10 votes 
 Enables a PS/2 keyboard with scancode set 3.
 SerbianKeymaps   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 These are both Serbian Cyrilic and Serbian Latin keymaps.
 Slovak   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 Slovak and SlovakQWERTY keyboard map...
 Swedish keymap (102-keys)   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 This is a swedish keymap for those of us who owns a keyboard with no W...
 Swedish Kit   version 1.1  8.44 / 10 (27 votes) 
 Enables Tracker and Desktop to show date/time in 24-hr and YY-MM-DD fo...
 Swedish-US keymap   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 A swedish variant of US keymap...
 Swiss French Keymap   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 Install this keymap and it will fix all problems when typing with a sw...
 Thai keymap   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 Thai keymap for BeOS...
 Turkish Keymap   version 2.0  less than 10 votes 
 Keymap Files for Turkish Q type keyboards.
 uni2utf8   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 Command-line program that simply prints all Unicode values and their c...
 unicode-utf8-list   version 0.9  less than 10 votes 
 UNICODE-UTF8-LIST is just a large text file containing all current Un...
 YahooKeyboard   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 These files allow you to use the various special keys on a "Yahoo! dir...
 Zeta Neo (SP1) Belgian Locale Files   version 1.01  less than 10 votes 
 Geupdate versie van de Dutch Locale Files met bijgevoegde Belgische Lo...
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1.  Zeta Neo (SP1)... 1.01
2.  Zeta Neo (SP1)... 1.01
3.  Zeta Neo (SP1)... 1.0
4.  CyMotion XPress... 1.0
5.  Greek Keymap 0.1
6.  Polish Programm... 1.1
7.  Lithuanian Balt... 2003.05.06
8.  BTC 5113 IR AT_... 1
9.  Polish Programm... 1.0
10.  Multimedia Keyb... 1.0
1.  International... - 8.71
2.  Portuguese-Int... - 8.71
3.  Swedish Kit - 8.44
4.  Dvorak-jas - 8.14
1.  unicode-utf8-list - 470
2.  International K... - 203
3.  Bulgarian Local... - 201
4.  Zeta Neo (SP1)... - 199
5.  Dvorak-jas - 163
6.  Hebrew - 157
7.  French Canadian... - 153
8.  Lithuanian Balt... - 130
9.  Keymap US-Inter... - 128
10.  Turkish Keymap - 101
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