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 ADS Cadet Radio   version 1  less than 10 votes 
 A driver and simple program to use the ADS Cadet Radio Card. I haven't...
 GemTek PCI driver   version 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 This is driver for the GemTek PCI FM Radio card. I use this driver wit...
 GemTek USB Driver     less than 10 votes 
 This is an addon for BeRadio allowing the GemTek USB FM Radio 21 to be...
 1.0   version 1.0
 1.1 Zeta   version 1.1 Zeta
 I don't C TV!   0.0.2  less than 10 votes 
 A BeOS and Haiku driver for Philips SAA713x based TV/FM tuner cards.
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The Green Board
1.  GemTek USB Driver 1.0
2.  GemTek USB Driver 1.1 Zeta
3.  I don't C TV! 0.0.2
4.  I don't C TV! 0.0.1
5.  GemTek USB Driver 1.0
6.  ADS Cadet Radio 1
10 votes required to be listed
1.  GemTek PCI driver - 887
2.  GemTek USB Driver - 598
3.  I don't C TV! - 183
4.  ADS Cadet Radio - 127
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