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 ADOM   version 1.00  8.59 / 10 (17 votes) 
 Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM for short) is a rogue-like game, whic...
 Amphetamine   version 0.8.8  less than 10 votes 
 Amphetamine is an adventure/platform game originally designed for Unix...
 Angband   version 2.9.2 beta1  less than 10 votes 
 Newest version of Angband (2.9.2) with APW borg and sources. In order...
 Arianne RPG   version 1.0.0 Pandora 1.0  less than 10 votes 
 The free open source massive multiplayer online role playing game.
 Be Dungeon Master Dice Roller   version 0.9  less than 10 votes 
 BeDM Dice Roller helper application for Dungeon Masters, Requires YAB...
 Exult Ultima7   version 1.00  less than 10 votes 
 Ultima 7, an RPG from the early 1990's, still has a huge following.
 FreeDroid RPG   version 0.10.2  less than 10 votes 
 FREEDROID RPG: The Freedroid RPG is an extension/modification of the...
 Future Boy! demo   version 1  less than 10 votes 
 Future Boy! is an adventure game unlike any you've ever played. It's m...
 IRE   version 0.81  less than 10 votes 
 IRE is an attempt to create a cross-platform computer role-playing-gam...
 IVAN   version 0.43-0  less than 10 votes 
 IVAN is short for 'Iter Vehemens ad Necema' which is Latin and means "...
 KQ   version 0.98.1  less than 10 votes 
 KQ is a console-style role-playing game (RPG) in the style of Final Fa...
 Linley's Dungeon Crawl   version 4.0.0 Beta 26  less than 10 votes 
 Linley's Dungeon Crawl is a free and portable roguelike molded in the...
 LnRogue   version 0.4  7.04 / 10 (27 votes) 
 Graphical rogue-like. Turn-based Diablo if you will. (But rogue is WAY...
 NameOfGame   version 0.6.2  less than 10 votes 
 In Name of Game, you control a peasant who must travel through woods,...
 Nazghul Haxima   version 0.5.4 Zeta  less than 10 votes 
 Haxima is the first full-featured game built with the nazghul engine.
 Nethack   version 3.3.0  less than 10 votes 
 Nethack is the best game in the world. Explore the Dungeons of Doom,...
 NetHack   version 3.4.3  less than 10 votes 
 So far the latest version of NetHack, the best game ever made.
 Nethack: Falcon's Eye   version 1.9.3  less than 10 votes 
 Falcon's Eye is a mouse-driven interface for NetHack that enhances the...
 Omega   version 0.90.4  less than 10 votes 
 Classic Roguelike game. Requires ncurses. Start from Terminal.
 Open Gladiator   version 0.98  less than 10 votes 
 Openglad is an SDL port of an old DOS game called Gladiator, which was...
 ULarn   version 1.6  less than 10 votes 
 ULarn is a dungeon type adventure game similar in concept to HACK, ROG...
 Waste's Edge   version 0.3.3  less than 10 votes 
 Waste's Edge is a small demo game for the Adonthell RPG engine, which...
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The Green Board
1.  FreeDroid RPG 0.10.2
2.  Be Dungeon Mast... 0.9
3.  FreeDroid RPG 0.9.13
4.  Open Gladiator 0.98
5.  Nazghul Haxima 0.5.4 Zeta
6.  NameOfGame 0.6.2
7.  Linley's Dungeo... 4.0.0 Beta 26
8.  ULarn 1.6
9.  Future Boy! demo 1
10.  Omega 0.90.4
1.  ADOM - 8.59
2.  LnRogue - 7.04
1.  Exult Ultima7 - 271
2.  KQ - 252
3.  Nazghul Haxima - 227
4.  Arianne RPG - 223
5.  NameOfGame - 193
6.  ULarn - 184
7.  FreeDroid RPG - 184
8.  Angband - 152
9.  Open Gladiator - 150
10.  NetHack - 131
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