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  BeBits Store: RIP
November 26, 2001:

Howdy folks,

First, a bit of bad news. As of now, we have had to close the BeBits Store. There are a couple of reasons for this, but one big reason is a lack of sales - the BeOS community just isn't buying software anymore (at least, not from us). Also, a high percentage of our sales lately have resulted in chargebacks, meaning that the credit card holder felt that the original sale was fraudulent or otherwise unauthorized. Chargebacks are a real pain to deal with, and every chargeback we received cost us the price of the sale plus a hefty fee. Chargebacks and fradulent transactions are a fact of life for all online merchants, but in this case, the cost of dealing with them (combined with the lack of "real" sales) ate up all our profit from the store. If the store can't pay for itself, we can't afford to run it; sadly, this is what happened.

And thus ends the BeBits Store. We tried to provide a nice, BeOS-centric way for BeOS developers to sell their software, and we're proud of the way it turned out, even though it had its glitches at times. Many, many thanks to the developers who used the store to sell their software, and to those of you who supported us, BeOS, and BeOS developers with your money. (On the other hand, if you were one of those who chose to steal from us through online fraud, shame on you. This should serve as proof that your actions *do* affect people.)

Please note that BeBits itself is *not* closing - just the BeBits store. As long as everybody keeps clicking those banner ads, the rest of the site will keep running for quite a while. The banner ads are even more important now that advertising is once again our sole source of revenue. Thanks for your support!

A quick note for all BeOS developers... BeUnited is asking that you pop over to and take the developer's survey. Thanks!
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