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  Big News!
December 29, 2008:

Sean and Greg here again, with another BeBits update - an important one, for us. Before we get to the meat, indulge us with a bit of history, will you?

BeBits was launched in 1999, right around the same time as BeOS 4.5 - almost 10 years ago, if you're counting. BeBits was created to be the "Freshmeat of BeOS", but it turned into something much more: a hub for the BeOS community, and an innovative software site in its own right. We survived the dot-com crash and the death of Be, Inc. itself, and even spawned a few imitators (check out GnomeFiles sometime... and does anybody remember BoostSignal? No? Darn.) We created a software e-commerce sales system that made a pile of money for BeOS developers, and was often cited as one of the best systems of its kind. We met BeOS users all over the world. And overall, we had a lot of fun.

If you've been paying attention, though, it shouldn't be a surprise that we haven't had a lot of time to devote to BeBits lately. As many of you have mentioned, it shows: we've had technical problems, email that has gone unanswered, dead links that take too long to get fixed, and other, similar issues. It's not that we don't care, but sadly, life has gotten in the way: there are careers and graduate studies and families that need to be considered. All of these take time, and in some ways BeBits has gotten put on the back burner. And yet, the BeOS world is growing increasingly exciting these days as Haiku gets ready for prime time. This is no time for BeBits to ride off into the sunset.

So with that in mind, here's the news: we're very pleased (and a little sad) to announce that as of today, we are turning BeBits over to a new owner and operator. We won't say at this point who the new owner is yet; he will make that announcement himself when the time is right. But we will say that he's a dedicated and active member of the community, and that he's got some great plans for the site. After almost 10 years, it's hard for us to walk away, but we're thrilled that BeBits will be in such capable hands.

Some thanks are definitely in order! Thanks, first, to the developers who have posted their applications on BeBits throughout the years, allowing the site to grow. Thanks to the operators of our fellow BeOS websites, many of which have long since fallen by the wayside; it was a great circle to be a part of. Thanks to those who have donated money, resources, and time to help out. Thanks to the people and developers at Be, Inc.; not only were they tremendously friendly and accessible, but they put out a dandy product that inspired us and countless others. And most of all, thanks to you, the people of the BeOS community. You were the reason we did this, and you made it all worthwhile.

That's all for us. We hope BeBits continues to be useful to you in the future. It's been fun... so long!

- Sean and Greg
The (former) BeBits guys

P.S. All email sent to BeBits will now go to the new owner. If you'd like to contact Greg and/or Sean for any reason, feel free to drop us a line at

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