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Definitely An Alpha - Note From Author
 By zoontf - Posted on October 6, 2002 - 00:00:56   (#3451)
 Current version when comment was posted: 0.1 Alpha
Hi All.

I was so excited to get the first part working with those test images that I failed to do further testing. I discovered this morning, while commenting the code, that there are issues with correctly reading in images that are not 640x480. Obviously I am working to fix this - apologies none-the-less. I was too excited to get the thing working that I didn't see how well it worked.

Still, I didn't even know that other people would be interested in this, and am very happy to see talkback comments encouraging the further development to which I am already committed. I will say that I will be working to get reading done real well before taking a crack at writing.

Finally, please note that this is the first BeOS programming I've ever done, so there are bound to be bugs - stupid and less stupid, that you will find when using the add-on. Apologies for those as well.

Further-note: Good thing I had never even seen the GFL translator, or I might not have started working on this. I honestly did not know that it existed. Therefore this translator is not designed as competition.

Seems to work.
 By bbjimmy - Posted on October 5, 2002 - 16:11:33   (#3450)
 Current version when comment was posted: 0.1 Alpha
I installed the translator and loaded one of the images in Showimage. Then I could save it to any of the full read/write formats that I have installed ... converted to a jpeg image with no trouble. I have not seen this file format before, but I would think that saving an image is just as important as reading it.

A better name....
 By stippi - Posted on October 5, 2002 - 14:43:53   (#3448)
 Current version when comment was posted: 0.1 Alpha
...would be "SGI Translator". I like the fact that this translator is available and being worked on, even though we have GFL Translator. The trouble with GFL is, it simply offers too much choice. Especially when there will be a writable version. In the university here, we have a couple of SGI boxen, and some of them are quite important for the workflow. Like the one attached to the 35mm film printer. And that one takes SGI images as input. It's a great addition to the BeOS machines here. A writable version would rock!

Best regards,

Another translator
 By asedin - Posted on October 4, 2002 - 23:32:18   (#3443)
 Current version when comment was posted: 0.1 Alpha
I downloaded and unzipped this to my Desktop, and out of curiosity I decided to view a image before actually installing the translator.
To my suprise it worked. And the translator that did the trick is the GFLTranslator.
Anyway choises are good and I really hope you continue to develop this translator.

Ronny Sedin

 By ravon - Posted on October 4, 2002 - 22:14:14   (#3442)
 Current version when comment was posted: 0.1 Alpha
Release the source and you'll have a PPC version :)

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