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re: deskbar deskbar !!
 By hey68you - Posted on September 8, 2005 - 11:53:11   (#17686)
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I already have a way to do that using "AutoPilot" and some scripting (based on "Datum").

Have a look at this screen shot:

Please let me know if you're interested in knowing how to this.

anyway, I think I may be able to get your idea working in the deskbar (for the Terminal app) using "hey" commands.

re: Cool yet curious
 By hey68you - Posted on September 8, 2005 - 11:39:02   (#17685)
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Thanks for the liking the idea (as that's all this really is).

The script knows nothing of daylight savings time. Therefore you have to manually change (every winter/summer) your offset from UTC as needed
(e.g. where the 4 appears in the script):


Terminal -p /boot/apps/TermClock/TermSettings_for_TermClock -t "New York" /bin/sh --login -c '/boot/apps/TermClock/TermClock_Engine 4'

Anyway, this was just a proof-of-concept and that's why I didn't hardcode it.

I would love for someone to turn this into a stand-alone GUI with the option of sync-ing the different clocks to either the system time or to NTP servers.

deskbar deskbar !!
 By beosfrance - Posted on September 7, 2005 - 17:40:36   (#17677)
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This is a very neat idea ... but i hate having dozen of windows opened .... so if i can just have several clocks in deskbar, that would be perfect !

mail | sound | clock
US: 01:10
FR: 07:10
RU: 10:00
Tracker >
Firefox >

Cool yet curious
 By Jess - Posted on September 7, 2005 - 17:33:18   (#17676)
 Current version when comment was posted: 1
I dig this idea, it's "widget like" in concept & I like widgets. Anyhow I looked at things & noticed it's all off your system clock, so how does this bit of scripting deal with times that say use daylight savings when your time zone/location does not? Would say grabbing the times from an ntp server not be better sans possible network waste?

ANyhow this is cool, I like widgety toy like apps. One of the things that makes Apple attractive is the cool visuals & toys, but don't get me wrong, I know lots of Be users have moved to Mac OS X but I really hate Apple. I mean the "Dashboard" thing, lame, it's nothing more then a workspace (we have 32) that can only be used for widgets, whats so great about that? We can dedicate any workspace to anything we want, but we lack the cool widgets to play with.

If you ever want to turn this into a C app & skin it give me a shout :) I miss making icons & skins for Be.

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