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Live zip-mirror
 By Lan - Posted on May 16, 2008 - 23:33:57   (#22799)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.3
[b]Becasso 2.3[/b]

 By s_d - Posted on July 29, 2003 - 23:19:02   (#8353)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.3
"To whomever put the mirror..." - it's me, coz, heh, that's my general idea about BeOS - "instead just woving about smth, do it yourself:)". There is another reason too - once we'll get htpp:// - our BeOS software catalog engine back on track, it will be BeCasso entry there...

Zip mirror
 By sanders - Posted on July 29, 2003 - 22:30:54   (#8352)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.3
To whomever put the mirror with the version there, thanks!

("autoclosing non-requested feature"... I like that term :-)

no more closing + Rocks!
 By IgRussell - Posted on July 29, 2003 - 18:23:07   (#8349)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.3
I had problems with an autoclosing nonrequested feature *ehem* Becasso seemed to have. Now it is fixed + it seems to be faster when saving now. This update rocks!.

Becasso still Alive!
 By Alexander G M Smith - Posted on July 29, 2003 - 03:51:37   (#8344)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.3
Thanks for the update!

- Alex

Re: download
 By sanders - Posted on July 28, 2003 - 22:22:52   (#8341)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.3
That's because the mirror is my own server, which is configured properly. I put it as mirror because it's an ADSL server with only 256K uplink, and I don't want it saturated immediately :-)

 By s_d - Posted on July 28, 2003 - 21:22:57   (#8340)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.3
Nice to see updates, Sander!
Though, one notice - even with Net+ download from MAIN location cannot start properly with click on link (only with Save As), while from morror it starts correctly:)

Server MIME types and feature requests/bug reports
 By Jace - Posted on October 20, 2002 - 19:46:13   (#3688)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.2

I agree with you about the MIME types on the server; they should be configured correctly. However, knowing that things like this are usually outside of your control is why I like the concept of "if you want it done right, do it yourself." :-) If you zip-up the PKG file, no harm is done to the user since they know how to unzip it - and they wont have to fool with restoring the MIME type either.

About requests and reports: whenever someone releases an update to a program I like (which I may not use very often for one reason or another), that is when I check it out again; to see what's new, what's changed, etc. I think this is common enough in the community to explain why you get a sudden bulk of responses when you release a new version.

As for me... After all the feature and change suggestions I dumped on you a few versions ago, I figured I'd leave you alone for a while ;-)


clone tool
 By sketzski - Posted on October 19, 2002 - 19:08:54   (#3676)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.2
clone tool sounds like the rubber stamp in Adobe PhotoShop (one of my favorite tools) Hope this gets in the next version.

Good suggestion
 By sanders - Posted on October 19, 2002 - 18:35:46   (#3675)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.2
Becasso doesn't support cloning from one image to another simply because nobody requested it before. The problem is that requests (and bug reports) tend to come in bulk immediately _after_ releasing a new version :-(

The clone tool
 By sasquatch666 - Posted on October 19, 2002 - 17:34:47   (#3674)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.2
the description of the clone tool reads as follows:
The Clone Tool
The Clone tool is like the brush tool (and offers the same settings) but instead of depositing "ink", it will copy the pixels from
elsewhere on the canvas. The "source" position (where the pixels will be copied from) remains at a fixed distance from the cursor
position. This distance can be set by right-clicking the mouse and dragging (a red line will show the displacement vector). While
drawing (using the left mouse button), the source position is shown by a small cross cursor. This tool can be used to retouch "spots" and
"scratches" on a canvas, by copying pixels from an area close to the damaged area.
The Freehand Tool
This tool allows freehand drawing. The Freehand Attribute Window has only the single parameter of the pen size. The pen uses
the current pattern, or its inverse when operated with the right mouse button (or via the Control key).
The Lines Tool
There are two major paradigms on the user interface for specifying lines on a canvas. The first ("click-drag-release") lets the user
fix the starting point of the line by clicking, and while the user holds down the mouse button and drags the cursor, a "rubber" line
will stick to the mouse cursor, following the movements of the user. Releasing the mouse button will fix the end point.
The second ("click-move-click") is less common because it is thought to break the general mouse usage paradigm as used throughout the OS,
but it allows multiple-vertex lines by having the user fix the vertices by clicking, while a "rubber" line follows the cursor even when the
mouse button is up.Becasso offers both paradigms and uses a simple algorithm to det
My question is this:
Why doesn't this or any other BeOS graphics app(afaik) allow a user to clone from one picture to another?This is my Main use for a clone tool( I use it for putting objects in different backgounds and making joke items)and once I have the object cloned in I use the clone tool in the way youdescribe to touch it up ,along with the smear or blend tool to make it look seamless.
Every Windoze graphics app from Zsoft PC Paintbrush(from the mid '90's) on up to the latest Photoshop or Paintshop Pro does this and I would like to see a BeOS graphics app do it as well.
Is it Not possible Or am I the Only one who's ever thought of it?
The First app that does this will be the one I spend my hard earned cash on!'Till then I will continue to use the freeware and non crippled shareware apps.
Other than that this seems like a very good app,it runs fast and draws well,although the interface takes a little getting used to.

Broken web servers
 By sanders - Posted on October 16, 2002 - 14:59:25   (#3634)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.1
But having the correct MIME type would be a better solution - if that is set up correctly, SoftwareValet starts up immediately after downloading a package (which I think is kind of cool).

I guess we should educate web server admins instead :-)

Please zip-up pkg files to make downloading and installing easier :-)
 By Jace - Posted on October 16, 2002 - 08:55:33   (#3628)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.1
The MIME type for pkg files gets trashed via download or upload if it is not a BFS system where the file resides (BeBits). It's a good idea to zip the file so that it can be extracted with the appropriat MIME type. Otherwise, in order to download it, you have to right-click, choose save link to disk. When done downloading you must delete the MIME type on the downloaded file and select Identify from Tracker (or enter the correct MIME type if you know it).

Otherwise... this is a cool BeOS app! I'm glad to see it's still being updated and improved.

excellent commercial app
 By Intelinside - Posted on September 20, 2002 - 22:20:08   (#3223)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.0
I encourage all to register Becasso

 By lethargy - Posted on April 12, 2002 - 00:17:45   (#898)
 Current version when comment was posted: 2.0
Becasso has really come a long way! It's now far and away the best graphics app on BeOS.
The "orthogonal" interface equates roughly to Photoshop's "Quick Mask" mode and allows you to use painting tools to make a selection, or apply filters to selections.
Becasso's interface has a slightly different approach than the traditional image editing app, but if you take the time to learn to use it, it's really quite powerful.

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